Science Faction


They stare in timeless wonderment through shop windows. Enraptured. Entranced. Enlightened.

It’s always 10 past 10!

Siri what does Jesus look like?


Everything connects, disconnects. Never ending constellation, everything goes, multiply. Old thoughts dissolve, giving life to knew believes, always evolving. Truths become lies, lies become true.

‘and now have I put in here, as thou seest, with ship and crew, while sailing over the wine-dark sea’

6.5 billion cats surfing.

There is no such thing as proof in the scientific world. Just evidence. Proof implies there is not room for error.

The edges of the upper front should line up parallel to the lower lip when smiling. When your bite is closed, about one-half to two-thirds of the length of the bottomteeth should be visible.

What’s up with all the rocks?

A nosegay was also known as a "talking bouquet"

As I join, faceless figures emerge from the shop window. A lump has formed; a nose? Webbed hands on hips. One leg cocked forward, balancing the figure. Leather handbags and shoes are thrusted up and placed forward on plinth-like stands. Elevated like relics; religious artefacts; sacrificial offerings. Spotlights flood the possession filled glass chambers.


plaster, resin, vinyl, c-type prints, macbook, ipad, lapis lazuli, faux cat, goldleaf, magnifying glass, clay
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