RUNG Issue #2

We have been working on ideas to incorporate a publication with the installation as the relationship between object and image is ingrained within our practice. For example, Science Faction and Faking Things with its parallel publication The Real Deal. The opportunity as part of Rung issue 02 would be a great way to take our investigation of the relationship between image, object and text a step further into the digital space.

For Rung issue 02 we would like to propose a two part work, the printed matter investigating ideas around the (re)presentation of objects, the body and the real ( questioning the digital image versus the real object) and the website to act as a text which ‘informs’ the printed image and vice versa. We imagine a spread (re)presenting one of our stretched body part sculptures, photographed and edited in such a manner to confuse the viewer whether the object is ‘real’ or ‘life-like’ or a digitally generated image. The digital gallery would act as a text space where we would like to publish one of Michel Foucault’s writings on power-knowledge and language, and replace parts of the text with the Lorem Ipsum space-filler text. We would like to collaborate with a web developer to re-generate these parts to be endlessly altering inbetween the static fragments of Foucault’s essay.

With this two part work we want to ask questions about the distribution of knowledge, the place of our body in a digital era  and the power of language.

Rung is a grassroots project which aims to support emerging artists in print and online using these platforms to provide an alternative ‘gallery’ space.

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